Monday, May 23, 2016

Sous Vide Vegetables 低溫疏菜

Sous Vide Vegetables 低溫疏菜
我們通常使用低溫煮食來 烹調肉類,至於蔬菜類,則甚少。因為低溫不是未能把綠色蔬菜中的葉綠素煮熟,就是overcook,令蔬菜變黃的。不過 root vegetables 根莖蔬菜則例外。Root vegetables 有薯仔、粟米、甘筍等等。
低溫烹調root vegetables 其中一個好例子可說是牛油粟米,因為如果把粟米用一般做法煮熟後,再加牛油,要用很多牛油。但用低溫浸,則可用很少,但又可以把牛油的味道深入整個粟米。 而不說不知,低溫烹調 root vegetables 所用的溫度很多時會比烹調肉類為高,因為溫度太低的話,蔬菜當中的澱粉質可能並沒有被煮透。
先把新鮮粟米洗淨, 然後放入真空袋,再加入少量的牛油在袋中,封好。然後用85°C 煮一個鐘後,便可剪袋即食,你又可以用火槍燒一燒面, 令粟米有少少BBQ的炭燒效果。
如果要放在沙律上,則要先把煮好的粟米冷藏, 然後才切,因為剛剛煮好的粟米很容易切散的!
Vegatables are not usually talked about much in sous vide. The reason is they need to be cooked at high temperatures as the otherwise they turn awefully yellow and also at low temperatures the green from the chlorophyll doesnt' cook well.
All except for root vegetables. They are great for absorbing different flavours they really benefit from sous vide. The sous vide butter corn is a perfect example and something I love. Using traditional methods, you need a lot of butter and the butter only stays on the surface. With sous vide, you only need a little butter and the butter permeates into the whole corn!
Clean corn and cut into small pieces. Put into a vacuum bag and put some butter into the bag. Seal and cook at 85C for one hour. Open bag and serve or you may wish to char slightly with a torch

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