Saturday, January 16, 2016

魔法 Lunch Note

一到九月, 很多媽咪都會很忙碌地安排子女在學校的午餐,希望小朋友在學校都能吃得健康有營。
我們會放很多心思在食物、保暖盒上,又擔心種種不同的問題, 例如分量夠不夠,食物會不會很快冷卻……
而我,除了飯盒,每天都會給Leeanne一個lunch note。我什麽都為會寫:功課、天氣、playdate …… 想到什麼就寫什麼。所以,每天Leeanne一打開食物盒時,不一定最想看看今天吃什麼,而是先讀媽咪給她的lunch note! 這樣在午餐加添一些色彩,可能把平日沉悶的午飯程序變成小孩子在學校最渴望的時刻!

We often focus on the quality of the lunch for our kids and try to make it as nutritious as possible when we pack our little ones their lunches. Kids usually don't care what their lunch is, only wishing their lunches consisted of fries, chips and candy. Each day, after lunch is made and packed, I include a short note to Leeanne. It may be about today's lunch, the weather or silly things. It may be short or long, but reading is the first thing she does before digging into her lunch and something she enjoys and considers as part of her lunch. So instead of just focussing on the lunch itself, maybe a lunch note can turn lunch into one of the most looked forward meal of the day!

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