Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Green Bean Vermicelli Salad

Green Bean Vermicelli salad
Green Bean Vermicelli is a very common ingredient in Chinese cooking. It's usually served hot with vegetables, meat or seafood. Lately, we've been using this at the restaurant as a salad. So what's the recipe?
There's no need to soak it in water. Just cook it in some boiling water until it's soft. While it's still hot, put your salad dressing in. It can be soy sauce, a vinaigrette, anything you like. We use a yuzu dressing. Then add some oil onto the vermicelli. Let it sit for a few minutes. Never mind about the heat, It won't make the noodles soggy. The heat helps the sauce gets absorbed into the noodles. Now you can toss the noodles. If it gets too sticky, add some more oil. Give it a taste and add your favourite toppings to the salad!