Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Veggies for lunch

Many kids bring lunch to school as they complain that school lunches are tasteless, gooey and yucky.  So many moms have lunches made at home and have them bring lunch to school early in the morning in thermos flasks.  Chinese prefer hot lunches over salads and sandwiches and so the vegetables are also cooked.  Unfortunately, many overlook the fact that green leafy vegetables do not hold well in thermos and turn dark and soggy, making the vegetables "yucky" to eat and at the same time lots of vitamina are lost.  

In fact, if you wish to pack a cooked vegetable for your kid, it's better to serve it at room temperature.  Cook the vegetables and then let it cool down completely.  Pack it in a container and I'm sure your kid will eat his veggies!

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