Friday, February 6, 2015


Leeanne asks for noodles for lunch and it's not always sauteed.  She'll ask for cold noodles or hot soup noodles depending on the weather.  I always separate the soup from the noodles as they would absorb too much liquid and turn mushy.  Noodles tend to stick together and so don't forget to add a bit of oil to the noodles.  Then they won't all stick together in a clump when they open their lunch box!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Veggies for lunch

Many kids bring lunch to school as they complain that school lunches are tasteless, gooey and yucky.  So many moms have lunches made at home and have them bring lunch to school early in the morning in thermos flasks.  Chinese prefer hot lunches over salads and sandwiches and so the vegetables are also cooked.  Unfortunately, many overlook the fact that green leafy vegetables do not hold well in thermos and turn dark and soggy, making the vegetables "yucky" to eat and at the same time lots of vitamina are lost.  

In fact, if you wish to pack a cooked vegetable for your kid, it's better to serve it at room temperature.  Cook the vegetables and then let it cool down completely.  Pack it in a container and I'm sure your kid will eat his veggies!

Chinese Zucchini

Very often, salads in Hong Kong are made from imported vegetables and are very expensive to make at home or to order at restaurants. I got this idea when I ordered too much Chinese zucchini for the restaurant. My intention was to shred it very finely and quickly sautee or blanche them and serve as part of a main course. The shreds were too delicate and the result was too mushy.

So I thought if I could dress this in a light dressing it would work very well as a salad. I mixed some shredded carrots into the zucchini for crunch and colour and tossed it in a light yuzu dressing. It worked splendidly. The chinese zucchini was light, sweet and worked very well. So next time you want a salad, go to the local market for ideas and not just fancy supermarkets for ingredients!