Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hairy crab roe

It's been so busy that I haven't been able to treat myself to anything homemade and extravagant.  I finally had time to try this out.  Hairy crabs are in season now and they are usually just steamed and devoured whole.  

I've always wanted to take the roe out and experiment with it.  I got a few crabs, quickly killed them and then took the roe out.  For the body, there were simply satueed and tossed with some chillies, corriander, garlic and seasoning.

The roe was interesting to work with.  I made a seafood food risotto and when the risotto was finished, the raw roe was incorporated into the risotto.  The second dish using raw roe was fried rice.  The roe was put in last after the rice was fried and tossed until cooked. The third was simply a plain congee with roe added and cooked till done.

Taste.....  Both the seafood risotto and the congee were great.  It was very light and the roe came out very delicately.  As for the fried rice, there was colour but, the taste of the roe disappeared.  In short, no wonder everyone just eats these crabs in the whole.  That's the best way!

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