Thursday, December 5, 2013

Roaster chickens

I have only one chicken item on the menu.  It's a chicken breast that has been cooked sous vide in lemon olive oil.  Its nice and tender but the problem I have is that Chinese don't like chicken breast and so I have always wanted to add a chicken item on the menu with bones.

I ordered 2 small  roaster chickens and cooked them sous vide in a chinese ginger sauce.   The flavours were there, except I cooked one for 4 hours and the other for 2 hours.  The difference in cooking time were immaculate.  Both retained their moisture and was tender, but the one cooked for 4 hours was overcooked, and was considered mushy.  On the other hand, the one cooked 2 hours had texture to it. It's very interesting to see how much difference there is to the texture when meat is cooked for different times. 

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