Thursday, October 24, 2013


When I first started cooking food sous vide, one of the first foods I played around with was fois gras.  Apart from the The Perfect Egg, fois gras was constantly referred to as the first foods in sous vide.  This was because cooked traditionally, too much fat would be released causing the liver to shrink considerably in size.  By cooking sous vide, the shrinkage would be reduced considerably and fat retained.    I like foie gras cooked sous vide but do find it a bit too rich for my palate these days.  So I  tried Momofuku's shaved foe gras recipe a try.  Turned out to be extremely light and melting in my mouth.   I dressed it with some bitter melon purée and served them on top of some wonton wrappers.  

Smoked prawns

It all started with smoking crabs.  But crab is very messy to eat and although I prefer crabs over shrimps, it was difficult for me to get the same type of crab at the market within a week.   So I decided to look into shrimps again. 
Cantonese love their seafood fresh and simple.  These finger long shrimp are always available at the market.  Usually they are poached, peeled and devoured at the table.  So after poaching them, I have them a hint of smoked and served them with some chilli soy sauce, just like at the seafood restaurants.  They turned out really nice.   Another item on the menu!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Seafood marinara

In Hong Kong, there is the tendency to serve lots of imported foods in dishes to make them unique.  I try to use local ingredients in my foods, especially seafood as it's live and fresh.  I'm not a particular fan of imported chilled/frozen seafood.

I didn't want a Chinese dinner tonight and was looking for ideas on the internet.  Seafood marinara... lovely... 

I just bought local live clams and live shrimp.  Fish , that's imported and I chose salmon,  but just because my daughter likes salmon.

Everything else was local except for the anchovies and white wine.  The flavours were great and well balanced. Now to see if my young food critic agrees with me.