Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sesame oil foam

I put a sesame oil foam on top of my tossed noodles for an added touch and extra dimension to my noodles.  Many customers think it's a nice garnish but some say and write on their blog that it's just a gimmicky thing I did to the noodles.

In the beginning, I would have agreed with my customers as the first version of the foam was transforming the shallot sauce into a foam.  But it didn't do anything special.  I decided to use sesame oil and transform it into an oil.  Of course, I could have put the sesame oil foam onto the noodles instead of squirting in front of the customer.   I decided that serving the foam in front of the customer would be an interesting experience for the customer and the sesame oil foam does make a difference.  

AND  it's because it's in a foam form.  As a foam, it's much lighter than liquid form and it coats the noodles more evenly and less sesame oil is need to give it that extra flavour.  I could have placed the bottle of sesame oil in front of the customer and let them add all the oil they liked. The problem is sesame oil flavours the noodles that oil is dripped on and the whole bowl of noodles is not evenly coated. My observation tells me that usually too much oil is added to their noodles, and when they are about to finish the noodles, the last few bites are often dredged in oil.  Therefore, I think the sesame oil is best when added in a foam form.