Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cutting Chicken

From time to time, my customers comment on my lemon chicken.  Some say it's nice and tender and some say it's not tender.  I always trained my staff to cut against the grain from the tip.  I didn't realize it made so much difference until I had a new staff on board who cut it wrong.  I then experimented : the same breast was cut against the grain and towards the grain.   My staff were very surprised with the results.  How can the same piece of meat taste so different ?

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  1. i did notice a few new faces busily preparing foods behind the table in my visit last saturday (and a missing face, hope it's just her holiday. she was very helpful when i once left behind my bag with camera inside). but then it's been 2 months since my last visit ... love your place, especially how tidy & clean it's been kept. will definitely come more often if noodles in soup are served! i love all noodles, but somehow i am not crazy with lo mien but yours definitely better than traditional lo mien in wonton noodles shop, i guess it's the many different kinds of ingredients that go into the mix... salmon is the best, love how tender it is and its chunky size! chicken is nice too but salmon is the special one ... and you may consider adding some weights to the stand up board at the entrance to keep it from falling :)