Thursday, June 6, 2013

Smoked shrimps

Chinese Smoked Eggs are one of my all time favourites.  An idea struck me to try smoking shrimp the chinese way, using a mixture of rice, sugar and chinese tea.   There were some very fresh shrimp on sale at the market and would be great for this.  I washed peeled and left the heads on the shrimps.  The shrimps were marinated with some soy sauce and oil and then smoked for about 20 minutes.

The aroma was there, but the flavours did not develop as I expected.

I then continued my ssmoking experiement and cold smoked the prawns first.  There were then cooked sous vide at 55C for about an hour.  The smokiness developled very nicely and the prawns were very soft and succulent.  However, Chinese don't seem to like tender shrimp, the rubbery texture seems more appropiate when serving these shrimps.  I guess we shall need to just blanche or grill these shrimps before serving.

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