Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dessert testing

I've never been a big fan of desserts.  Our chocolate mousse is a big hit though.  I need more selections into the menu and so I put on my thinking hats again. 
We use a lot of egg whites at the shop but the yolks are wasted.   So my ideab is to use the yolks as part of the dessert.  Maybe a creme brulee of some sort.   But it doesn't blend in.  I passed by the market snd saw some almonds.   Almond tea, that is a local favourite.  How about an egg custard made from almond tea? With that ub mind,  I soaked some almonds,   put them through a food processor with 4 parts water.  Afterwards,  the mixture was strained with a cheese cloth and brought to a boil.  1 part egg yolk was mixed with 5 part water and some sugar.  The mixture was then steamed for 10 minites.   It was good.
Another indicator that it was good are kids.  I gave some to my little one and when a 7 year old says its delicious and a little unwilling to share, then it should be good.

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