Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Plum salt

I usually serve our Chinese Wine Eggs with a homemade plum salt.  The Chinese snack shops have a choice of sweet or savoury plum salt.  I use the savoury type but recently some customers suggested a sweet one.   Some sweet plum was powdered and then sprinkled on the eggs. 

Interesting - the sweetness of the plum practically masked the taste and aroma of the Chinese Wine.  So in the end, we scrapped the idea of using  a sweet plum salt on our eggs.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mongolian lamb

I've been testing with lamb recipes lately. At last, I've decided to adopt a Mongolian style lamb. It's very popular in Northern China and usually served skewered and marinated with cumin, garlic and salt. It is a hawker food and is charcoal grilled.   Instead of creating a bar snack, I used lamb tenderloin and lamb shoulder.  They were slow cooked for a couple hours and then put on the grill.  The spices were sprinkled on last.  The taste is great and all tender.  The only problem is the meat is extremely lean it and the gamy flavour of lamb isn't there.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Been thinking of using fresh corn on a new dish lately.  Today, I sauteed some corn, added some broth into the corn mixture and blitzed it.  It didn't turn out as smooth as I wanted and it needs a to be strained.  But the taste is really intense and sweet. Now lets see how we can use this.

A spicy sauce

Sometimes it's interesting how  new products churn out.  My orignal intention was to create a garlic sauce for the noodle.  I had loads of garlic peeled and I started to caramelize them in oil.  Soy sauce was used to flavour the mixture and it was then pureed into a smooth sauce.   It just didn't taste right.  I didn't like the "green" taste of the garlic and was thinking of starting over. 
Just as I was thinnking,  Tina gave me an idea and said soome people want a hot sauce.  So I decided to turn the garlic sauce spicy.  I added dome Szechuan peppers, fresh chillies and put the mixture back on the stove.  The aroma of the pepper corns was great though the chillies behaved strangely.   They weren't spicy, so I had to put a lot in the mixture.   In the end, the green taste was removed and I have a great garlic spicy sauce for the noodles.