Thursday, November 29, 2012

Noodle sauce

Changing the focus from a soup noodle to a tossed noodle has been really exciting.  The whole noodle experience has changed and it comes a wholesome Chinese meal,  with a main course, soup and instead of rice being served, a bowl of tossed noodles to make the meal complete.  I always think that noodles are a lonely meal -  you only have tbat when youre alone. And so hopefully by serving it tosesed style with a soup and a dish,  it won't be a lonely meal.  

The shallot sauce used to toss the noodles is a great success.  What if we created different tossing sauces for the noodles?   The idea sounds great and the first to be experimented is garlic -  simple yet it can offer an alternative to the original sauce.    Let's see how it turns out. 

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