Thursday, November 29, 2012

Noodle sauce

Changing the focus from a soup noodle to a tossed noodle has been really exciting.  The whole noodle experience has changed and it comes a wholesome Chinese meal,  with a main course, soup and instead of rice being served, a bowl of tossed noodles to make the meal complete.  I always think that noodles are a lonely meal -  you only have tbat when youre alone. And so hopefully by serving it tosesed style with a soup and a dish,  it won't be a lonely meal.  

The shallot sauce used to toss the noodles is a great success.  What if we created different tossing sauces for the noodles?   The idea sounds great and the first to be experimented is garlic -  simple yet it can offer an alternative to the original sauce.    Let's see how it turns out. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Microwave Fresh Prawns

Live prawns are abundantly available at the market and very reasonably priced.  These species of prawns are usually quickly cooked in boiling water and eaten with a dipping sauce made of scallions, ginger and soy sauce.  

Instead of cooking them in water,  how  would they turn out they were microwaved without any cooking medium?   We popped some prawns into the microwave and covered them with some plastic film.  I also added some Chinese wine.  Then we set it on high for 1 minute. So once they turned pink,  we took them out and tried it.   They are very tasty and all the flavors are sealed inside.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fresh fruits

Being in Wanchai has its advantages.  We're close to the wet market  and interesting fresh foods come and go.  In the past, I would go to a few major supermarket chains and see what interesting foods were available..   The wet market in Central had interesting vegetables but they were mostly imported ones.
Food is very local in Wanchai. A lot of food is from China. Last month, I saw lots of roselle flowers at the market.   Now it's out of season.  My supplier just gave me rhe last batch of her roselle flowers.   Instead of making a tea, I'm going to marinate them in sugar.  The crunch will still be there but it won't be too sour.   I'll think if what to do with them later.
Dates are in season. I found 2 different dates at the market.   There is a subtle difference between them. One has a crunchier texture but very bland in tsdte. The other us sweeter but softer. Just like comparing granny smith and red delicious.  I wonder how I can use these 2 fruits.
Mini mandarins can also be seen too.   These mandarins are very interesting.   It's eaten whole , along with the skin.  They aren't very juicy, but it's sweet and the peel gives it a very zesty taste. 
With all these interesting fruits out there,  there is a lot of experimental cooking to do now!
Roselle flowers - end of season
Honey dates
mini mandarins