Friday, October 26, 2012

Braised Duck with roselle jam

We served a  very  chinese braised duck with plum sauce at the old restaurant. Now I want to put something more interesting at the noodle bar. A modified duck confit ? Duck fat is hard to find so instead I used butter. I also decided to slow cook it at a slightly lower temperature than usual. Then as a sauce, I made some roselle jam. Roselle flowers are only available during October and November , so it'll be a seasonal dish only.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Molecular noodles

I recently added a new touch to the noodles. A lot of customers, especially ladies don't like shallots and most thought that I would be usually lots of raw shallots and chives in the noodles. In fact, the sauce has nothing raw. The shallots are slowly cooked in oil for at least 45 minutes and when the nice flavours and aromas are infused in the oils, we add the seasonings. Soy sauce along with a bit of dark soy sauce and pepper are then added and blended together.

To top off, the sauce is transformed into a foam and a little is added on the noodles in front of the customers.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Slow cooked pork cheeks

Recently, a few customers said that my Hoisin Pork was not tender enough and was on the dry side. This was a challenge as sometimes my supplier would give me relatively lean pork butts.

So I decided to give pork cheeks a try. These are relatively very marbled and slightly chewy. Usually, Thai restaurants love this cut and grill them and slice them very thinly when serving.

I got some cheeks at the market and slow cooked them for 48 hours. They turned out extremely tender and moist. Now to see what sauce would go well with this.