Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lo mein

Recently, for tasting menus, I've changed the noodles from soup to Lo mein. The feedback is all positive.  The dilemma now is do I change from offering a soup noodle to a dry noodle?  Especially when everyone knows I make soup noodles.

I recall when I first opened Soup Cafe, my initial concept was to offer a variety of homemade Chinese soup that would be served with noodles and a selection of meats and vegetables.  However, within a couple weeks, I quickly changed the idea to simple Chinese Soup with homemade traditional dishes and a bowl of rice.  Since the change, everyone loved it and we were a very popular lunch hangout in Central.

So with this in mind, I have changed all the noodle choices to a lo mein, except for one when customers really want soup noodles.  The noodles taste great when served as a lo mein and the soup really helps bring out the flavour.  The various toppings also blend in.  But when we serve the noodles in the soup, it falls apart.  Suddenly the alkalinity of the noodles come out, and the soup becomes very bland.  So instead of directing energy into a bowl of soup noodles, I've decided to change the noodle concept from soup to lo mein noodles. 

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