Thursday, January 22, 2015

Milk rice pudding

Our little one wanted some dessert the other day and there was no time to make ice cream, cake or baked custards.  Instead there was some rice from dinner.  The recipe was very simple and she just added some milk to the rice and boiled till soft.  Then she added some sugar, one egg yolk and a splash of vanilla.  It was very simple yet delicious and she was very happy that she made this simple dessert all by herself!  She even copied the recipe so she could easily make herself a dessert when I wasn't home.  

Desserts don't need to be rich or heavenly to please kids.  Sometimes plain foods we eat daily work very well.  And of course a little fun !   

Friday, December 26, 2014

Dumpling wrappers

I got 2 different wrappers today, wrappers for panfrying and wrappers for wontons.  

Wrappers for pan frying are different.  The edges are supposed to be thinner on the outside and thicker on the inside so that once the dumpling is made, the thickness of the wrapper is uniform.  The wrapper is also thicker as  it needs to be panfried and too thin a wrapper would make it break easily.

Wonton wrappers are much thinner as they are intended to be cooked in water.  But this time, I cut and shaped them oval, just like the dumpling wrappers and wrapped them for frying.  

Both tasted great, but I think wonton wrappers made the dumplings more delicate and the skin was crispier.  For a richer dumpling with more meat, I think dumpling wrappers would be better.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Freeze cook

What happened to defrosting food before cooking?  Who would want to cook frozen food?  Actually, it makes lots of sense. Water is retained much better, keeping the food a lot more moist and locked in the  meat. I got some very nice capeline fish and instead of defrosting them, I put them straight on the grill.  It may take a bit longer to cook, but when they are done, the meat is a lot more moist and not dry.  When frying fish, the skin has to be dry and crispy before it's flipped, otherwise, the skin sticks to the pan.  But the water is also drawn out from the meat.  So by cooking frozen, the temperature of the meat doesnt climb too quickly, leaving the meat a lot more moist than if cooked at room temperature.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Hairy crab roe

It's been so busy that I haven't been able to treat myself to anything homemade and extravagant.  I finally had time to try this out.  Hairy crabs are in season now and they are usually just steamed and devoured whole.  

I've always wanted to take the roe out and experiment with it.  I got a few crabs, quickly killed them and then took the roe out.  For the body, there were simply satueed and tossed with some chillies, corriander, garlic and seasoning.

The roe was interesting to work with.  I made a seafood food risotto and when the risotto was finished, the raw roe was incorporated into the risotto.  The second dish using raw roe was fried rice.  The roe was put in last after the rice was fried and tossed until cooked. The third was simply a plain congee with roe added and cooked till done.

Taste.....  Both the seafood risotto and the congee were great.  It was very light and the roe came out very delicately.  As for the fried rice, there was colour but, the taste of the roe disappeared.  In short, no wonder everyone just eats these crabs in the whole.  That's the best way!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Peeling shallots

We use quite a bit of shallots at the restaurant.  But it's not to the extent that we need a commercial peeler.  I don't like the peeled shallots our vegetable supplier has as they were soaked in water and flavours are lost.  I found something interesting on the internet that helped the peeling process.  

I took 2 metal containers and put some shallots into it.  Then the two containers are shook vigoursly for about 30 seconds.  Some of the shallots and completely peeled but for some, some of the skin is still stuck.  But the skin could be easily peeled off.  This simple process is saving us lots of time and tears.  

Monday, July 28, 2014

Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese and Slow Cooked salmon sandwich.
Sometimes it doesnt take an oven or panini grill to make a grill cheese. Just the brains of an 8 year old. Leeanne found a way to make a perfect grilled cheese with a simple fry pan from her children's cook books. I added the sous vide salmon. All you need is to make a sandwich and butter the OUTSIDE of the bread. Then use a non stick fry pan and heat gently for a few minutes, flip and cook the other side and Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fresh tomatoes

I saw some very nice fresh tomatoes at the market today.  With such heat, I felt like making a fresh bloody mary and perhaps my slow juicer would do the job.  I put the tomatoes through the juicer and it was not what I expected.  Instead a thick tomato puree came out and so I changed my drink to a cold tomato soup.  Extremely refreshing for this weather.